Prescription to Get Active

Kickstart your activity! Just 30 minutes of physical activity per day for adults, and 60 minutes of physical activity per day for children, can reduce health risks and provide many health benefits.

In this program, our family doctors and their health care team prescribe increased physical activity to patients who will benefit from it. This program is meant for individuals who can exercise without supervision or medical restrictions.

You can redeem it at one of our partner recreation facilities for a free pass.

All City of Calgary recreational facilities are partners in this program.

For a complete list of participating locations, along with their special Prescription to Get Active pass details, click here.

Where can I redeem my Prescription to Get Active?

Your Prescription to Get Active can be redeemed at one of our partner recreation facilities for a free pass. To find a participating recreation facility in your area, visit the website.

How many visits do I get with my Prescription to Get Active?

This may vary depending on where you choose to redeem your prescription; see the website for what each facility offers.

What happens after I use my pass?

Once you've used your pass at the facility of your choice, some of our partners may offer a discount on a membership. Please talk to a facility representative for more information.

Does my Prescription to Get Active expire?

It does not expire but you can only use your prescription once.

Can I get more than one Prescription to Get Active?

There is a limit of one prescription per person. Our partners have been very generous in providing free access to their facilities as a trial for those interested, and in some cases, a discount for those who want to sign up for a membership afterwards.